Iman is young and energic web designer, he gives you ideas and prespective for what web design that suit to your business and also budget without reduce the result. i am really happy with the result so I recommend Iman if you want to find somoene for web designer..

Eben / PT Rekan

iman is a very helpful person yet very humble. The first time i knew him wsHe provideded us a good E-Commerce solution with very reasonable price. He has been a great website vendor for our business for years, and the outcome has been reliable. Eventhough in some moments Iman did not able to answer all our business requirements, but he still gave us other solutions.
Iman is a great person to working with

Aldi / Ceo Sundamotor

Terimakasih sudah membantu menyelesaikan project website fotografi saya.

Briand Liong / Panda

Iman is very detailed in what clients want. And he is very attentive and really understands what the client need and really can read through what unsaid and put it all in a great web designs. He is very artistic, and I really love his work.

Fioney Sofyan / Rula

Mr. Iman is one of the best IT development, he can do anythink what the client want.

Sandy / Offshore Radio Singapore

Good IT Consultant, creative and very skilled in his work performance. We thank you for that.

Kartika Mirda / Lawyers

Mr. Iman is a great person for providing of services in fields of web design and IT networks. I really had great assistances from his excellent job while preparing my photography website It is a great pleasure to recommend him as the business partner by his integrity, valuable contribution including his polite attitude.

Thomas / CSA Senior Engineer at KPJV Limited

Mr.Nakamura is the Web marketing specialist in Jakarta, he help us Japanese companies very well.
Thank you and please keep in touch for both Indonesian and Japanese business.

Manabu / Asia Click

Mr. Iman who I usualy call Imanz, is one of the most talented IT Developer. He can handle many spactacular IT Project well and give the maximum result of it. I know him when I offered him to handle my Company's project. Nice to know u Brothhh.....

Jabbar Al Zakir / HRD

3 Website saya dibuat oleh bogordesain. keren dan kekinian, pelayanan maximal. Apalagi Cloud Server Bogor nya. Ngegas terus, omset naik sejak menggunakan jasa bogor desain

Shigit / Ceo Indo

Tadinya ragu buat di Bogor Desain.
Namun akhirnya yakin dan sekarang saya punya 2 website dibuat oleh Bogor Desain. Solusi dan tipsnya juga bagus jadi bisa menyarankan saya yang kurang faham.

Ika F / Owner Hostel Bogor

Dulu saya buat website untuk polres di tempat lain. Cuman susah untuk update dan maintenance, akhirnya memutuskan untuk membuat web baru. Dan Menemukan Bogor Desain di Google. Ternyata pelayanannya bagus dan bertanggung jawab.

AKP Ita P / Humas Polres Bogor